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Just to say congrates to my friends whitewulfe and rune on their engagement. I hope I get a wedding invite :P
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just phoned my parents to see if my mum was in so i could ask if she minded me going to a convention in germany (EF) and was speaking to my dad as he wasn't in.

I had on monday told him that i wanted to go and gave him the website for it and he asked me why i wanted to go. So i said i wanted to meet up with friends there i'd met online. So he asks me if i'm a furry o.0

Just like that.

Well, one less thing to hide from them then XD

And no, he still isn't going to see a copy of Playfoxx.
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If any artists want a christmas picture in playfoxx issue 6 (due out monday)can you pleae e-mail them to me at i can pay for them in L$. Images may be cropped to fit the page, no sigtinures will be removed.